feather creek Schooling Horse Trials | ODS & Western Dressage Recognized

Sunday, January 22nd & Sunday, May 21st, 2017


Mary D'Arcy Clinic

Saturday & Sunday, March 4th & 5th, 2017

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Volunteer Coordinator

Sandy Thompson



2017 Year end awards rules:

1 - Once a horse / rider combination enter an Oklahoma Eventing Circuit Show, they are entered for Year End Awards.

2 - Champion & Reserve Champion prizes plus 1st through 6th place ribbons will be awarded to horse / rider combinations based on points earned during the calendar year at horse trials or combined tests held at the following facilities: Feather Creek Farm, Gallery Farm, Celtic Cross Equestrian Center and Southern Hills Riding Academy. Year End Awards will be given to the following divisions: Training, Senior Novice, Junior Novice, Senior Beginner Novice, Junior Beginner Novice, Senior Starter, Junior Starter, Senior Introductory and Junior Introductory. The Senior and Junior Divisions will be combined if there are less than six in each division for year end awards.

3 - Must be a member of the Oklahoma Combined Training Association. (OCTA.)

4- Seniors are 19 and over; Juniors are 18 and under. (Age on January 1st of that year.)


DRESSAGE: Training, Novice & Beginner Novice: Correspoinding USAE Tests. Starter & Intro: Introductory Test (Walk / Trot only.)

STADIUM JUMPING: Training: 3'3" :: Novice: 2'9" :: Beginner Novice: 2'7" :: Starter: 2' :: Introductory: 18" Crossbars.

CROSS COUNTRY: Training: 3'3" :: Novice: 2'9" :: Beginner Novice: 2'7" :: Starter: 2' :: Introductory: 18".


our 19th recognized horse trials!

This will be a one day event, as June 18th is Father’s Day!!... As important as our Eventing is to us… Our Father’s are what help keep all of us going, and so we know you want to be with your dads on that Sunday!!.. This event will be dedicated to all those fathers that have helped us along our path!!! We will be giving the lowest score, (irrelevant of division) a $250 Visa gift certificate for their DAD… and then the next 4 lowest scores, will receive a $50 Visa gift certificate….. and the fathers don’t even have to be in attendance!!.. We all know how much they always support us!!!  So this 19th Recognized Horse Trials, will be dedicated to our Fathers!!!!


CROSS COUNTRY CLOSES: Monday, June 12th               

EDUCATION DAY: Stadium Jumping & Dressage Tests available to ride.             

DRESSAGE TESTS: $25 / Test            STADIUM JUMPING: $30 / Round





Oklahoma eventing Circuit shows for 2017

JAN 22 - Feather Creek Farm HT

FEB 19 - Celtic Cross Equestrian Center CT (Dressage & Stadium)

APR 9 - Gallery Farm CT (Dressage & Cross Country)

MAY 21 - Feather Creek Farm HT

SEPT 10 - Gallery Farm CT (Dressage & Cross Country)

NOV 5 - Celtic Cross Equestrian Center CT (Dressage & Stadium)