About Feather Creek Farm

Fine Eventing Facilities in Norman, Oklahoma

As everyone who has Evented for the last 20 years knows, this property was owned and run by Judy and Mike Huber. They developed and built this property in Norman that became one of the most phenomenal venues for eventing. When you look at what they built from scratch in 1979, to the immensity of where it was at their last event, it will be a privilege to try and bring it back to where it once was.. (Please be patient.. it may take a few years!! .)

I named this facility Feather Creek after a little kitten who was named Feather. She was all white with a little grey tail and hence the name - Feather.. When she was 10 weeks old, (and at this time I had had her for 3 weeks), she was a determined wild little girl, who would climb up your body and sit on your shoulder.. all the time.. I obviously fell in love with her.. Unfortunately she was having a hard time breathing, so took her to the vet. He said she had a heart murmur, a hole in her diaphragm and many other internal organ problems and she probably wouldn’t live much longer (days). He told me to take her home, say good bye and bring her in the next day to put her down.. I asked another vet their opinion and they said is she having any difficulties in her everyday life, where her quality of life would be effected.. No, she wasn’t, just a little hard breathing when she was playing hard.. Over the next 18 months, she never grew past 3 pounds and had quite a few vet visits.. yet she never gave up her personality, her determination, and her courage…18 months later after a brave life, we needed to put her down.

So, from the moment I stepped onto this property, (and it took three years of never giving up to finally purchase the this facility – for just about every reason there could be) I knew it would take, determination, perseverance and courage to re-build this to where it once was – so - this little property in Norman is named after that little white kitten - Feather.

My hope is that everyone who rides here will have the same traits as her – so I would like to say to everyone – always – Keep Kicking….